• New plugin architecture using python’s entry_points.

  • imagedata_format_ps is split out in separate package.

  • Added image_show console application.


Dicomplugin.sort_images(): Re-raise exception when data cannot be sorted, or when tag is None.


  • Format plugin classes: Header.add_template() and Header.add_geometry are now Header member functions.

  • Header class: hdr is now a Header instance. Was: dict. Dict is no longer accepted.

  • Viewer class now inherits object class.

  • Series.setDicomAttribute(): Always make a new attribute to avoid cross-talk after copying Series instances.

  • Added Series.deepcopy().


  • Moved to separate package. Thereby removed dependency on ghostscript package.

  • NiftiPlugin: Stable version where SForm matrices are read and written properly for coronal orientation.

  • DICOMPlugin: Do not scale pixel data when RescaleSlope == 1 and RescaleIntercept == 0.

  • Accept Path object as url.

  • Series.get_roi: New parameter single when only one slice per tag has a ROI.

  • Series.to_rgb(): Use matplotlib colormaps to create color images. Add colormap and lut parameters.

  • Default colormap is ‘Greys_r’.

  • Display colorbar when colormap is not grayscale, and image is not RGB image.

  • Set appropriate Window Center and Width for new Series instance.

  • Series.to_rgb(): Added option ‘norm’ to determine normalization method. Methods implemented: ‘linear’ and ‘log’. Modified behavior to honor normalization method.

  • Viewer: Renamed option cmap to colormap.

  • Viewer: Let the delta increment of Window Center and Width depend on actual value range. Avoid non-positive Window Width. Let Window Center be a floating point number when less than 2.